This Is What 116 Coats Of Nail Polish Looks Like

For some people (ahem, myself), waiting for two coats of polish and a topcoat to dry is pure agony. But one beauty vlogger had the patience to wait for not two, not three, not four…but 116 coats of nail polish to dry.

Yes, 116 coats.

Vlogger Cristine behind Simply Nailogical decided to take on her commenters’ challenge and apply a coat of almost every single nail-polish shade she owns, Cosmopolitan reports. The tenacious beauty lover started the project at 9:47 a.m. — and wrapped up more than 14 hours later, at 12:07 a.m., taking breaks only for Starbucks, cereal, and a little cat playtime.

By coat 70, things were looking pretty gnarly.


Still, Cristine powered through, eventually deciding to let each layer dry before proceeding for maximum impact. It worked. The resulting #polishmountain is an epic feat of endurance, a Guinness World Records contender, and, honestly, a little gross-looking.


Luckily, Cristine used a peel-off basecoat, which made taking off the whole shebang slightly easier than putting it on. Watch below to see the whole horrifying amazing process.

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Kate Middleton’s Hairdresser Swears By This $13 Princess Brush

Kate Middleton basically looks like she steps out of a shampoo commercial every time she leaves the royal palace. My brief photo research for this story confirms this to be true. It’s perfectly coiffed, has just the right amount of bounce, and her curls are fit for a princess (or a duchess, in her case).

But her hair routine has been largely shrouded in mystery. What we do know is that it’s all created by the magic hands of her hairdresser Richard Ward. He recently gave tips for his famous Chelsea Blowdry (which we can only assume Middleton has been getting from him for the past 10 years as a client). He divulged the tools and choice products he uses for the style — and the first step is straight out of a fairy tale.

Before starting any style, Ward combs through wet hair with the Tangle Angel — which is priced at $ 13 on Amazon — to “lift the hair and really get to the cuticle,” he explained, completely bypassing its adorable pink color and heart shape. We can only hope it’s stashed in the vanity of our favorite IRL Disney princess.

Ward doled out some other solid advice — like not using too much product, and not zhuzhing the hair too much while blowdrying to avoid frizz — but our minds keep going back to that princess-pink brush. Whether Middleton actually uses it is unclear, but we’d like to imagine the Duchess slowly brushing her hair with it every morning and evening, Marcia Brady -style. Forget precious gems: This is the stuff of royalty.

Editors’ note: A previous version of this story stated that Kate Middleton uses the Tangle Angel brush. While her hairstylist often employs the brush for blowouts, he cannot comment on her specific styling routine. The post has been updated to reflect the change, and her routine will continue to remain locked behind palace doors forever.

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CVS & Walgreens Are Competing To Be The “Healthiest” Drugstore

You may not know it, but CVS and Walgreens are competing not only for your money, but for your love.

According to Fast Company, each drugstore is looking to become the “healthiest” and they’re doing this by expanding health initiatives.

In 2014, CVS announced its stores would be tobacco-free and that it would offer smoking-cessation programs to all of its customers. The following year, the drugstore chain revealed that the initiative actually helped their business.

Now, CVS said it would expand its anti-smoking mission with “a new $ 50 million, five-year education and advocacy campaign.”

Not to be outdone, its competitor, Walgreens, announced a “comprehensive plan” to deal with opioid abuse, which will include offering safe medication disposal kiosks where customers can bring “unwanted, unused, or expired prescriptions.”

The chain also plans to make the life-saving drug naloxone available without a prescription in 35 states. Right now, the drug, which can help someone suffering from an overdose of a prescription painkiller or heroin, is available in New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

While CVS has worked on making its stores more convenient by offering curbside pickup in some locations, not to mention taking over all of Target’s pharmacies, Walgreens — who bought Rite Aid, the third largest drugstore in the U.S. — has expanded its online presence by launching a “new web-based mental-health-screening platform.” This means will now offer free screenings for depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental illnesses.

This one-upmanship between CVS and Walgreens has been beneficial to both stores’ bottom lines, though it does help that the two chains make up 50% of the market. It’s also been especially helpful to CVS’ stock.

In April, Fortune found that CVS is the one closer to “firing on all cylinders” and is a better bet for those looking to invest.

But no matter which store has the better stock, it’s clear: The CVS-Walgreens rivalry is making things better for customers.

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Check Out Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid’s Matching Outfits

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are very, very good friends. Evidence includes their portmanteau, friendship necklaces featuring said moniker, and frequent appearances on each other’s social media accounts. It’s been established that they are #goals. So, how can you and your buddies achieve such outward expressions of camaraderie? You do as models do: wear matching outfits.

KenGi were spotted on an outing in New York yesterday with Hailey Baldwin (not pictured, although she, too, looked very cute), in very similar get-ups. Jenner and Hadid have donned matching hues in tandem before, but we haven’t quite seen the pals this matchy-matchy before. This seems to be a thing among supermodels: Coincidentally or not, Behati Prinsloo and Lily Aldridge stepped out in matching #OOTD’s back in April. So, could KenGi have been inspired by their Victoria’s Secret cohorts to coordinate?

Like Prisloo and Aldridge’s before them, Jenner and Hadid’s ensembles follow the same formula, with some subtle differences. The foundation went as follows: A black top tucked into high-waisted blue jeans, and patent footwear. Jenner opted for a fitted, long-sleeved, off-the-shoulder top; light-wash denim; and Kenneth Cole heeled boots. Hadid went for a sleeveless T-shirt, contrast-hem flared pants, and pointed-toe shoes. Of course, both models’ outfits were topped off with chokers. The duo do share a stylist, so Monica Rose possibly played a part in their shared fashion sensibilities.

The twosome is very much aware of the similarities in their off-duty lools. The resemblance is so uncanny, the social media powerhouses obviously had to commemorate the occurrence on Instagram. And, with that, KenGi makes the ultimate case for the BFF outfit.


A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

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A Week Traveling The World On No Salary

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we’re tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We’re asking millennial women how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we’re tracking every last dollar. (Thanks,New York mag , for the inspiration.)

Today, a former New York woman traveling the world for 11 months, currently eating her way through Malaysia.

Photo: Getty Images.

Industry: Food writing/wandering the earth. I am a food writer who quit her job working for a New York restaurant group last year and has spent the past nine and a half months traveling. (I am a cliché, I know.)

Age: 25

Location: Anywhere I want to be, but currently Malaysia. So far I’ve spent four months in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, two months in southeast China, one month in Vietnam, one month in Myanmar, and one month in Thailand. I am currently spending two weeks in Malaysia before flying to Indonesia for one final month. After Indonesia I will be going back to the United States and have no idea what I’m going to do after that.

Salary: I have no salary. I worked and saved for one and a half years. I made $ 42,000 a year, which broke down to $ 2,336 a month after taxes, and monthly expenses were rent ($ 865), utilities ($ 35), and my monthly Metrocard ($ 112). I aimed to put away $ 1,000 a month, leaving me with $ 326 to spend on everything else. Working in restaurants meant I saved on food by eating at work, but the strict budget was still pretty painful to stick to at times. At the end, I had $ 14,000 and change saved, at which point I subleased my apartment and moved home for a bit to save that rent money and to get everything in order. Getting back my apartment deposit of $ 1,730 at the end, right before I left, was a big help, too!

Savings (Current Amount): $ 8,447.72. I left home with $ 16,307.16 in my various accounts and have spent $ 11,219.44 so far (I track every cent that I spend). This amount is for everything: food, booze, shelter, buses, replacement shoes, sunscreen, souvenirs, as well as all flights, visas, and $ 700 worth of scuba-dive training. Over the course of my travels, I’ve earned $ 2,500 from my freelance writing and got a much-appreciated tax return of $ 860.

Monthly Expenses

Rent: $ 0

Loan Payments: $ 0 (I am very lucky not to have any student loans!)

Utilities: $ 0

Transportation: $ 0

Phone Bill: $ 0

Health Insurance: $ 0 (I am still young enough to be on my parents’ plan)

Spotify: $ 9.99

Day One – Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

9:30 a.m. — Wake up and go downstairs to the guesthouse’s reception for some free tea and toast. Decide to accompany a group of fellow travelers to the National Park that afternoon. I know I won’t be leaving Georgetown today, so I re-up my bed at the guesthouse for the night. The guesthouse has hot water, Wi-Fi, and A/C, and for the night costs $ 7.68.

11 a.m. — Walk a few blocks to Little India for more food. (I am a hungry person.) Get a banana leaf thali plate and a mango lassi without sugar. The thali comes with unlimited refills, so obviously I get seconds. Cost for lunch: $ 2.41

11:30 a.m. — On my way back to the guesthouse, I stop at a halal food market to buy some snacks for the park. I unintentionally begin an hour of tasting dates with the store’s owner and end up walking away with a quarter kilo of some higher-end Mariami dates. $ 2.23

12:30 p.m. — Meet my guesthouse friends at the bus stop to head to the park, buying a water bottle while we wait ($ 0.71). The bus fare is $ 0.96 and takes us straight to Taman Negara Pulau Pinang. We spend the next few hours hiking in the park, swimming at monkey beach (yes, there were monkeys), and visiting the sea-turtle conservation center. At the end of the day, we stop for some passionfruit juice ($ 1.20) and then hop on that same bus back into town ($ 0.96). Total for an afternoon in the park: $ 3.83

7 p.m. — We are famished by the time we get back to Georgetown, and so we head straight to a street stall for dinner. I order a bowl of laksa (Chinese/Malay noodle soup), two popiah (a Southeast Asian fresh spring roll), and pineapple juice. The popiah are really tasty, so I go ahead and order two more. Cost for dinner: $ 2.93

9:30 p.m. — Too tired after a day at the park to do anything else. After a much-needed shower, I curl up in bed to read on my Kindle until I fall asleep.

Daily Total: $ 19.08

Day Two – Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

9 a.m. — Get out of bed and get more free tea and toast. Re-up my bed again for tonight ($ 7.68) and do a crossword. I walk over to the nearby 7-Eleven and buy another water bottle ($ 0.71). Total: $ 8.39

10 a.m. — Head out to Georgetown to look at the street art and browse some boutiques. The neighborhood is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and famous for its art scene, so I figure this would be a good place to buy souvenirs and gifts for people. I end up getting a pack of postcards of the street art ($ 1.44) and splurge on a very nicely painted tiffin lunch box that I swear I will use one day ($ 14.40). In between all the shopping, I get hungry and head to Little India for a vegetable biryani set and ginger juice ($ 2.69). Total: $ 18.53

2 p.m. — I’m tired from all the walking, so I find a nice café to rest at for a while. I order an iced nutmeg juice ($ 0.36) and read my book for a bit. As I head back to my guesthouse an hour later, I grab a cone of durian soft serve ($ 0.96). Total: $ 1.32

3 p.m. — I rest at the hostel for a while and take the time to do some work. I still have some of the dates from yesterday, so I snack on them as I do research and catch up on emails.

6:30 p.m. — I head out to dinner with a group of people from the guesthouse. We go to a dim sum place and share 12 dishes and three liters of beer between the four of us. We split the check four ways. Cost of dinner: $ 3.12.

Daily Total: $ 31.36

Day Three – Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

9 a.m. — Wake up, grab tea and toast, and pay for my bus ticket to head to Cameron Highlands, an agricultural area southeast of Penang. Bus with pick-up is $ 10.32.

10:30 a.m. — Head out for an early lunch in Little India again. Get a masala dosa and a chai ($ 0.96). After my meal, I take one last walk through Georgetown, grabbing some Indian sweets, a bag of peanuts, and a fresh mango as snacks for my ride ($ 1.20). Total: $ 2.16

12:30 p.m. — Bus pick-up at 12:30 sharp, as promised, and I start my journey south.

9:30 p.m. — Finally arrive in the Cameron Highlands. What was supposed to be a six-hour journey became a nine-hour one due to a flat tire and bad traffic. But I still arrived! I immediately start my hunt for a guesthouse (for convenience and price, I’ve stopped booking things, including accommodation, in advance). I have good luck at the first place I stop and grab the last bed available for $ 7.20.

10 p.m. — The guesthouse owner invites me to a Bengali dinner he just cooked. He says it’s free, but I give him a little money to cover his costs. Myself, two German girls, a Vietnamese couple, and the guesthouse owner all eat and lounge on the kitchen floor for the next hour or so until we head to bed. $ 2.40

Daily Total: $ 22.08

Day Four – Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

8:30 a.m. — Wake up and partake in some of the toast and tea that is also free at this guesthouse. I have my bed for the night again and pay another $ 7.20. Chat with people for a while and decide with an Australian couple to trek on Trail 1 later that day. We plan to leave by 11. $ 7.20

10:30 a.m. — I go out and buy some snacks for the day’s hike: coconut-fried peanuts, more dates, fresh bananas, and a liter of water. $ 5.18

11:30 a.m. — We finally get ourselves together and leave the guesthouse by 11:30. The trailhead is about 6 km away, so we hitchhike to the bottom and begin walking. The 3.5 km trail is steep, at times almost a sheer vertical through the jungle that involves lots of mud and ropes and upper-body strength. After an hour and a half, we reach the top and are greeted by a lovely viewpoint and mist-filled mossy forests. We rest for a while and take some pictures.

3 p.m. — We head back down on the road and it takes us through a tea planation, one of the crops the Cameron Highlands are famous for. We stop at the café in the center of the plantation and enjoy a very soothing cup of tea with a scone ($ 1.54). It starts to rain almost the moment we leave the café, but not a minute later a Malaysian family lets us pile into the back of their car and drives us back to town. They also invite us to go strawberry picking with them, which we accept. I proceed to pick and eat a whole lot of free strawberries. $ 1.54

5:30 p.m. — We are still a few kilometers away from our guesthouse at the end of the strawberry picking, and after saying goodbye to the kind family, we start walking again in the rain. Within a minute, another car stops and picks us up, driven by a Malaysian girl who lives just around the corner from where we are staying.

6 p.m. — We are famished, so after returning to the guesthouse and dropping off our wet stuff, we immediately head to a restaurant for dinner. I order a thali, a biryani, and a mango lassi. $ 3.84

7 p.m. — Back at the guesthouse for a shower and to hang out. I play cards and then read a bit, nodding off by 10.

Daily Total: $ 17.76

Day Five – Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

9 a.m. — Out of bed and grab some free toast with blueberry jam and tea. Pay for my bed for one last night, still $ 7.20.

10 a.m. — The new folks at the guesthouse are all doing the trail I did yesterday, so I decide to head out on my own to visit the two other tea plantations nearby. The first one I walk to by myself and take a few pictures. I continue down the road to the next plantation and eventually manage to hitch a ride with an older Malaysian couple, who go out of their way to drop me off at the plantation entrance. (Thank you!) I spend the next few hours hiking around the beautiful tea plantation, the biggest one in the Cameron Highlands.

2 p.m. — I share what remains of my snacks from yesterday with two Norwegian couples who are also hiking the planation. They have a car and agree to take me back to Tanah Rata, the town where my guesthouse is. I arrive just minutes before it starts raining again, but manage to buy myself another water bottle before the downpour starts. $ 0.60

5 p.m. — I head to dinner with the Syrian guy who is volunteering at the guesthouse. We head to an all-you-can-eat South Indian buffet and go to town. Total cost for dinner is $ 2.52.

8 p.m. — After heading back to the guesthouse and catching up on a few emails, a group of us decide to head down to the local bar for some drinks. I end up getting two beers and a cocktail and am out until 1 a.m. $ 2.40

Daily Total: $ 12.72

Day Six – Cameron Highlands to Taman Negara, Malaysia

7:30 a.m. — Get my slightly hungover self out of bed, pack my bag and head down to the bus station by 8 a.m. I paid for my bus/boat to Taman Negara, one of the biggest and most famous national parks in Malaysia, the night before. It was $ 15.60.

8:15 a.m. — The bus leaves Cameron Highlands and it’s a three-hour journey to the ferry town where we need to catch the boat. We stop for a break in between, and I buy crackers and an energy drink. $ 1.75

11:30 a.m. — We arrive to the jetty, get our transfer tickets, pay our park fees ($ 1.44), and hang out until the boat leaves at 1:30. I grab a lunch of nasi goreng (fried rice) at a nearby restaurant ($ 1.44) and pass the time talking to a Malaysian girl visiting the park from Kuala Lumpur. $ 2.88

1:30 p.m. — All aboard for the boat trip through the rainforest and into the national park! We arrive around 4 p.m., at which point I disembark, get a small briefing about the park, then hop on a free shuttle to a guesthouse that looks promising. They have room available, and I book a bed for the night for $ 6.

6 p.m. — After catching up on emails and other internet things, I wander into town to grab dinner. Ramadan has just started, so there is only one restaurant open this early, and it’s on the pricier side. I order the special of the day, which is an Indian/Malay vegetable banana leaf, and a pineapple juice. Despite my trepidation about the cost, the food is fantastic! I even chat with the chef for a while, and after I tell him how I can’t put down my current book, he gifts me the book he has just finished for my next read. The cost for this meal, book included, is $ 5.52.

Daily Total: $ 31.75

Day Seven – Taman Negara, Malaysia

10 a.m. — I sleep through my alarm and finally rouse myself around 10. (I guess I needed the sleep!) Ready myself for the day, make sure I still have my bed for the night ($ 6), and then walk to the boat dock, grabbing two mangosteens, a pack of crackers, and a water bottle along the way ($ 1.44). The national park is across the river from where I’m staying, and I pay $ 0.24 for a boat taxi across. $ 7.68

11 a.m. — The boat ride is maybe a minute long, but I manage to make friends with the only other person on board, an Australian girl also traveling alone. We set off into the park together and hike around the rainforest for a couple of hours, spotting two troupes of monkeys and a pair of blue-headed birds we can’t name. In the afternoon, we head to a beach along the river to swim and snack and lounge amongst the butterflies.

5 p.m. — Head back to my guesthouse, taking the taxi to the other side once more. $ 0.24

7 p.m. — I loaf around reading my book until I am hungry and head to a restaurant nearby with the two Argentinian girls in my room and order friend noodles, fruit salad, and a pineapple juice. $ 4.08

9 p.m. — I’m even more tired from today’s hiking, so I decline to join my new friends for a drink, deciding to head to bed instead. One more day in the park tomorrow, and then off to the capital city of Kuala Lumpur the day after!

Daily Total: $ 12

Money Diaries are meant to reflect individual women’s experiences and do not necessarily reflect Refinery29’s point of view. Refinery29 in no way encourages illegal activity or harmful behavior.

The first step to getting your financial life in order is tracking what you spend — to try on your own, check out our guide to managing your money every day. For more money diaries, click here.

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Universal Is Officially Making A Wicked Movie

Universal has been talking about making a Wicked movie for some time. But now, it’s not just talk.

The studio announced Thursday that it plans to release the film on Dec. 20, 2019, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Stephen Daldry will direct the movie, and Marc Platt and Universal will produce it. Platt and Universal also produced the stage version. The musical’s writer and producer, Winnie Holzman and composer-lyricist Stephen Schwartz, will work on the film as well.

The Broadway play the film’s based on tells an alternative story of The Wizard of Oz from the perspective of the wicked witch Elphaba. It has won three Tony awards and ten nominations. The show in turn is based on the novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire.

As for now, let the casting specualtion begin!

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The Best Essie Polishes For Your Skin Tone

There are two main strategies we use when shopping for nail polish (or picking a color at the nail salon under pressure). You’re either the person who leaves the store with a new bottle and 10 fingers painted different hues, or you grab the first polish name you recognize. Either way, it can be hard to find a shade you love, especially when each brand offers (what feels like) endless color options.

Take, for example, Essie. The popular brand is a salon, pro, and consumer favorite, and many of us are on a first-name basis with popular colors like Clambake and Mademoiselle. But with dozens upon dozens to choose from, you’re majorly missing out if you never stray beyond your go-to orangey-red. For help navigating the massive selection, we turned to nail artist Michelle Saunders, who also serves as the brand’s official celebrity manicurist (and has an encyclopedic knowledge of its color offerings).

Ahead, Saunders takes a break from her A-list clientele to share her favorite foolproof shades for every skin tone, from everyday nudes and pale pinks to more unexpected brights and, of course, the best reds.

Best Bright For Fair Skin Tones: Fiesta

“This may be much brighter than you’re used to wearing, but it’s actually pretty classic on the nail,” says Saunders. “People constantly ask about this shade when I use it [on shoots].”

Essie Nail Polish in Fiesta, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Or Try…

If Fiesta is a little too bright for your liking, a magenta shade like this one will be just as eye-catching. Plus, the polish is part of the brand’s new Gel Couture line, which boasts an updated brush stem and a gorgeous Frank Gehry-inspired bottle.

Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish in Sit Me In the Front Row, $ 11.50, available at Essie.

Or Try…

“If you want to add a little more flair to [Sit Me In the Front Row], you can apply it over a coat of Blanc, Essie’s opaque white, and it almost looks neon,” Saunders says.

Essie Nail Polish in Blanc, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Or Try…

Essie’s spring 2016 collection has a host of colors that are perfect for warmer weather. This shade, Sunshine State of Mind, is our go-to hue to sport while lounging poolside.

Essie Nail Polish in Sunshine State of Mind, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Or Try…

A cantaloupe hue like this one is a great option for those who want to experiment with brighter nails, but don’t want to dive deep into bright reds or pinks just yet.

Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish in Looks To Thrill, $ 11.50, available in June at Essie.

Best Dark For Fair Skin Tones: Carry On

“For [those with fair skin who] want to dip their toes into a dark shade, but not go too dark, my pick is Chinchilly,” Saunders says. “It’s like a deep neutral, almost like a warm gray. There is also this color that I love called Carry On. It feels like a rich, kind of mahogany wine color, which is good for a dark color that is also very on-trend.”

Essie Nail Polish in Carry On, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Best Neutral For Fair Skin Tones: Sugar Daddy

“A good overall neutral color for a fair hand is a color like Sugar Daddy. It’s a traditional shade that gives your nail bed a healthy, sheer sheen. It’s especially great for spring, because we’re seeing a lot of pinks that lean on the sheer side,” says Saunders.

Essie Nail Polish in Sugar Daddy, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Or Try…

Ballet Slippers is another classic “your nails but better” shade. Plus, the sheer, pinkish hue is extremely forgiving, meaning you can swipe it on in a hurry and dash out the door.

Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Best Pastel For Fair Skin Tones: High Class Affair

“This is a vibrant [hue] — it looks a little soft in the bottle, but when you put it on it’s really a gorgeous peach pastel, and it’s great for those who are fair-skinned looking for a true pastel,” says Saunders.

Essie Nail Polish in High Class Affair, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Best Red For Fair Skin Tones: Fifth Avenue

“For fair skin, there is a color I love called Fifth Avenue,” Saunders tells us. “People may look at it and think that it could be too coral, but on the nail it’s not; it’s a really bright red. I would call it a spring red.”

Essie Nail Polish in Fifth Avenue, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Best White For Fair Skin Tones: Tuck It In My Tux

“Tuck It In My Tux is a creamy white, which is like the opposite of the super-opaque and classic Essie Blanc,” Saunders tells us. “Since Blanc is so concentrated, it can often be too harsh on fair skin tones, so the creaminess of Tuck It In My Tux is perfect for fair skin.”

Essie Nail Polish in Tuck It In My Tux, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Best Bright For Medium Skin Tones: Bikini So Teeny

“This color looks great on medium skin tones, and I think we’re going to be seeing this color more this spring. It’s the perfect sky blue,” says Saunders.

Essie Nail Polish in Bikini So Teeny, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Best Dark For Medium Skin Tones: Wicked

“Wicked is a bit like a plum burgundy, and it’s one of the best colors, maybe ever,” Saunders says. “I have to say, in my career, Wicked and Mademoiselle are the two most requested colors.”

Essie Nail Polish in Wicked, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Best Metallic For Medium Skin Tones: Penny Talk

“Penny Talk is a true rose gold, which you couldn’t be more on-trend with right now. With jewelry, that’s what everyone is looking to add to their collection, so it’s the perfect SS ‘16 nail accessory, too,” said Saunders.

Essie Nail Polish in Penny Talk, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Best Neutral For Medium Skin Tones: Lady Like

“There is a traditional color called Ballet Slippers that is great for medium skin tones, but if you want something that is a bit more on-trend, I love Lady Like,” says Saunders. “It looks like a natural flush of color if you apply it on hands [with a medium skin tone].”

Essie Nail Polish in Lady Like, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Best Red For Medium Skin Tones: A-List

“I know that people think that this shade, A-list, may be too dark, but I think this is the real red of all of Essie’s colors,” says Saunders. “It’s a true red, and I have had it in my kit forever. It’s a classic, traditional red and a cult favorite. It looks great on anyone, and I love it on medium skin tones.”

Essie Nail Polish in A-List, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Or Try…

Looking for something a little less vampy? You can’t go wrong with Russian Roulette.

Essie Nail Polish in Russian Roulette, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Best Bright For Dark Skin Tones: Shades On

“This brand-new, super-bright purple called Shades On is probably the most on-trend color to wear right now,” Saunders told us.

Essie Nail Polish in Shades On, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Or Try…

“There is a another color that people don’t really know about that I love for [dark skin tones] called Play Date,” Saunders says. “It’s basically a neon lavender, and it’s perfect for pedicures, and I use it all the time for nail art, too.”

Essie Nail Polish in Play Date, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Or Try…

This indigo shade may look dark in the bottle, but when it’s layered onto the nails it provides a pop of shiny, bold color.

Essie Nail Polish in All Access Pass, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Best Dark For Dark Skin Tones: Bahama Mama

“My top pick for deep skin tones is Bahama Mama,” Saunders says. “It’s flattering for all darker skin tones; I would put that on anybody.”

Essie Nail Polish in Bahama Mama, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Or Try…

“I [also] love the color Smokin’ Hot and the shade Licorice, which is like a patent-leather black,” says Saunders. Unfortunately both shades are sold out, but Luxedo (a deep plum) is a great alternative for those looking for vampier hues.

Essie Nail Polish in Luxedo, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Best Neutral For Dark Skin Tones: Mamba

“The most traditional color that looks really great on a dark skin tone is Mademoiselle — you just can’t go wrong with that on dark skin,” Saunders told us. “But, if you want to go more [trendy], I love this color called Mamba. It’s the perfect peachy hue that we’re seeing a lot of. I would almost call it a secret color, because not many people know about it.”

Essie Nail Polish in Mambo, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Or Try…

If peachy neutrals aren’t your jam, go for something taupe-toned, like Essie’s Glamour Purse.

Essie Nail Polish in Glamour Purse, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

Best Red For Dark Skin Tones: Lacy Not Racy

“A few red colors that I love on dark skin tones are Berry Naughty, Bordeaux, and Lacy Not Racy. If you look them up online, they look very dark, but they go on quite red. Lacy Not Racy is my pick, If you see someone wearing it you can’t help but think, Wow, she has really beautiful deep red nails,” Saunders says.

Essie Nail Polish in Lacy Not Racy, $ 8.50, available at Essie.

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Take The 21-Day Goblet Squat Challenge!

Every lifter can benefit from building a deeper, better squat. Commit to this one-move plan for the next 21 days to boost your squat, strength, energy, and even weight loss!

Why challenge yourself with goblet squats? Why not, say, hit heavy back squats every day? Because while there’s a time and a place to go heavy, there are also great benefits to be gained from racking up lots of volume with picture-perfect form. And as plenty of personal trainers can tell you, the goblet squat is the best-looking, easiest-to-teach squat variation around.

With this in mind, I recently conducted an online 21-day squat challenge. Hundreds of men and women joined in, with an overwhelmingly successful outcome. In just 21 days, they experienced personal records with their squat strength, increased energy, firmer glutes, alleviated knee and back pain, and some surprising weight loss.

Why the three-week timeframe? In 21 days, with enough repetition, your body can learn a skill and become remarkably strong at it. But this challenge is also designed so you won’t burn out or overdo it. It’s designed so you can reap the benefits of proper squat practice.

Stick with this squat plan, and I guarantee you won’t regret it. If you had any idea of the epic results you’d get from adding lots of squats to your life, you wouldn’t think twice about starting today!

The Case for Squats

Squats aren’t called the “King of Exercises” for no reason. In fact, you naturally gravitated to a perfect, deep squat when you were a toddler. I remember both of my little ones playing with their toys or holding their bottle for minutes on end while sitting in the squat position. It’s about as natural a human position as it gets.

However, many of us stop squatting as we grow older, especially in Western society. Many other cultures, like those in Asia, still eat, work, and give birth in the deep-squat position.

So what’s the big loss? Believe it or not, not squatting can actually increase your mortality rate, according to Brazilian physician Claudio Gil Araújo. Araújo conducted a study around the idea of being able to get up and down off the floor. According to his research, people who weren’t successful at being able to get up and down off the floor from the seated position, without using their arms—in other words, from an easy squat—had a three-year shorter life expectancy compared to those who were successful.1

But aside from their association with longevity, squats offer plenty of life-enhancing—and body-enhancing—qualities as well. Properly executed squats make you stronger, increase your conditioning, firm your legs and gluteal muscles, and strengthen your hips and knees. You’ll also gain mobility in your hips, knees, and ankles. Plenty of people even report that their digestion is better once they get their squat back!

Squats are truly one of the most beneficial exercises to practice. If you have to choose just one exercise to focus on, squats should be it.

Your Guide to Goblets

Here’s how to perform a perfect kettlebell goblet squat, the move you’ll be using for the next three weeks:

  1. To get the kettlebell into position, start with a two-handed kettlebell swing and “catch” it at the top, so that you’re holding the kettlebell by the horns.
  2. Take a breath, and slowly lower yourself down, using your elbows to push your knees out and open your hips. Only go as low as feels comfortable, and focus on improving your depth over time.
  3. Pause for a second. Pressurize your abdomen, and straighten out, pushing steadily through your heels as you ascend back to the top position.

Squat and Goblet Squats Proper Technique
Watch the video – 1:12

If you have really tight calves or ankles, feel free to put a small plate under your heels. If you’re strong on goblet squats, you can use double-kettlebell front squats instead.

Double Kettlebell Front Squats Lauren Brooks
Watch the video – 0:53

Now let’s get squatting!

The Squat-Challenge Details

Directions: Each week, pick a weight, and stick with that same weight every day that week. Add more weight in subsequent weeks. Beginners should start with no weight.

Wondering how much to weight to choose? Start conservatively on Week 1. By Day 7, you should have a pretty good idea how much more you can handle! One advantage of using kettlebells is that they come in 4-kilogram or 8-kilogram “jumps” that are perfect for many of people.

Example 1 Beginner

  • Week 1: Bodyweight
  • Week 2: 18 lbs. (8 kg)
  • Week 3: 26 lbs. (12 kg)

Example 2 Advanced

  • Week 1: 53 lbs. (24 kg)
  • Week 2: 70 lbs. (32 kg)
  • Week 3: 88 lbs. (40 kg)

You’ll figure out the right weight for yourself quickly enough. Your real job is to do the reps! Break them up into as many sets as you want. For example, if you are supposed to do 20 reps, you can do 4 sets of 5 reps or 2 sets of 10 reps. Just get them done!

21-Day Squat Challenge

Week 1 Bodyweight or starting weight

  • Day 1: 20 reps
  • Day 2: 25 reps
  • Day 3: 30 reps
  • Day 4: 35 reps
  • Day 5: 40 reps
  • Day 6: 45 reps
  • Day 7: 50 reps

Week 2 Add weight

  • Day 8: 20 reps
  • Day 9: 25 reps
  • Day 10: 30 reps
  • Day 11: 35 reps
  • Day 12: 40 reps
  • Day 13: 45 reps
  • Day 14: 50 reps

Week 3 Add weight again

  • Day 15: 20 reps
  • Day 16: 25 reps
  • Day 17: 30 reps
  • Day 18: 35 reps
  • Day 19: 40 reps
  • Day 20: 45 reps
  • Day 21: 50 reps

My Results with the Squat Challenge

I started the squat challenge with a 44-pound kettlebell. It felt challenging on the first day. The last day of the challenge—that’s just three weeks later—I tested myself with a 97-pound kettlebell. Here’s what happened:

97-lb Goblet Squat Test Lauren Brooks
Watch the video – 0:14

The toughest part for most people, honestly, is getting that heavy bell into position by the end. One swing might not be enough for a small person to get something well over half their body weight up to chest level. If that’s the case, add another swing!

Goblet Squat Prep Getting the bell in position
Watch the video – 0:15

What do People Say About the challenge?

Pete is a 64-year-old who works a manual-labor job, so being fit is vital to his ability to earn money and stay injury-free on the job. Here’s what he had to say about his 21-day squat-challenge experience:

“[The squat challenge] was probably the singl- best experience I’ve ever had in my fitness life. I have always been a fitness ‘loner’—no gym, no workout buddies. I’ve simply gone out to my shed or worked out in my computer room. But I have to stay fit because I’m a full-time, second-shift, blue-collar worker in a manual-labor-intensive job with no retirement in the cards. But I had been flagging, and my workouts were infrequent and stale.

“But something about Lauren’s challenge called to me, and once I started it, I was hooked! It’s not the weight, or the number of sets it takes to do the reps—it’s you, in there, slugging away consistently.”

Another participant, Gemina in Hawaii, said, “This challenge was awesome, with no dread factor at all. Even on days I didn’t feel great, I was able to accomplish the challenge training, and it always re-energized me. This was a great add-on to other training sessions, or even great on rest days.”

So what are you waiting for? Start your squat challenge today! We had quite a few moms doing squats with kids on their backs toward the end. I even enjoyed it with my 9 year old on my back.

Let me know if you have any questions about the squat challenge. Happy squatting!

  1. de Brito, L. B. B., Ricardo, D. R., de Araújo, D. S. M. S., Ramos, P. S., Myers, J., & de Araújo, C. G. S. (2012). Ability to sit and rise from the floor as a predictor of all-cause mortality. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, 2047487312471759. Training Articles

Kicked-Up Breakfast Scramble

Take your breakfast game to the next level with this easy, flavorful, protein-rich dish.

I don’t remember everything from my childhood, but the smell and taste of morning meals takes me right back. When I was younger, my uncle used to cook the perfect plate of eggs. Ever since then, I’ve been on a quest to recreate that magic. My recipe for this kicked-up breakfast scramble does just that.

You might wonder why is dedicating a whole video to scrambling eggs. It’s simple; we’re showing you how you can elevate breakfast with a few basic ingredients you likely already have in your pantry.

Kicked-Up Scrambled Eggs Recipe Everyday Beast
Watch the video – 4:56

Another reason I love this dish so much is that it allows me to start the morning off prepping for my goals. One egg alone has about 6 grams of protein. The eggs in this breakfast offer up 24 grams of a quality protein—and all in just 10 minutes of prep.

The Everyday Beast mindset is about being well-rounded—beasting it at work, at home, and in the gym. While you’re folding your eggs and making them into protein-packed clouds for your muscles, take some time to think about what you’re going to accomplish today and how you’re going to hit that next benchmark. Then, whip out a plate and dive into this bad boy.


Eggs 4

Olive oil 1/2 tbsp

2% milk 1 tbsp

Spinach 1 handful

Cayenne pepper to taste

Onion powder to taste

Garlic powder to taste

Salt and pepper to taste

Hot sauce/tabasco optional

  1. Combine the eggs, spices, and milk in a bowl. Lightly beat the mixture together, keeping your yolks somewhat intact.
  2. Preheat a nonstick skillet over medium-high heat, and add oil.
  3. Once the oil is heated, add your egg mixture to the pan. Let it sit for about 60 seconds, and add the spinach.
  4. Turn with a spatula, wait another 20-30 seconds, and flip again.
  5. Continue cooking the eggs until they reach your desired consistency. Serve and pair with your carb of choice, such as oatmeal or toast.

Nutrition Facts
Serving size: 1 scramble
Recipe yields: 1 serving
Amount per serving
Calories 319
Fat24 g
Carbs2 g
Protein22 g Nutrition Articles

Your Total-Body Bikini Workout!

Summer is just around the corner. Try this fat-blasting, total-body circuit workout to get ready for bikini season in no time at all!

Bikini season is right around the corner, but staying cooped up in a gym while the sun’s shining isn’t my idea of fun. You can sculpt your ideal beach body—and still enjoy the wonderful world of warm weather—without training multiple hours a day!

To that end, today’s session is all about getting the most bang for your buck by fitting more exercises into less time than a traditional workout. This full-body circuit will target your physique from head to toe, with exercises alternating between lower-, upper-, and total-body work.

You’ll hit your quads, hamstrings, and glutes with squats, strengthen and sculpt your shoulders with plank rows, hit your quads again with lunges, and work your way to greatness—and improve overall conditioning—with total-body dumbbell thrusters.

Once you complete this circuit four times, resting as little as possible between rounds, get ready to run. You’ll burn off any extra energy—and calories—with a finisher of interval sprints. Ten rounds of 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off, and you—and your dream summer body—will be ready for some R and R on the beach!

Danielle Belanger’s Total-Body Bikini Circuit
Watch the video – 2:33

Engineered Pre-Workout Delivery System! Ballistic Muscle Energy!Go Now!

Total-Body Bikini Circuit

Circuit: 4 rounds


10 reps

Squat Squat

Plank row

10 reps per side

Plank row Plank row

Walking lunge

10 reps per side

Walking lunge Walking lunge
Dumbbell thruster Dumbbell thruster


Interval sprints

10 rounds of 30 sec. on, 30 sec. off

Interval sprints Interval sprints

Pro Exercise Tips


The back squat is all about lining your knees up with your ankles, keeping your chest up, and maintaining a tight core. Push your knees out, and keep the weight in your heels.

Plank Row

As you pull the weight up for your dumbbell row, rotate your back a little and squeeze before dropping the weight down.

Walking Lunge

With each lunge, get as low as possible, really squeezing your core and glutes to activate your muscles. Keep your core tight, your chest up, and power through this movement.

Dumbbell Thruster

Dumbbell Thruster

This exercise is a great finishing total-body killer because it works everything from your shoulders and glutes to your hamstrings and quads. It’ll be sure to get your heart rate going.

Interval Sprints

Once you complete your circuit, it’s time to complete 10 full rounds of sprints for 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. Sprints are great for high-intensity exercise. They burn more calories in less time than traditional steady-state cardio, getting you to your bikini body faster.

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